With the way the Philippines, especially Luzon, had been in the recent weeks when the storms, Ondoy and Pepeng, inundated the country, the Radiology community had a reason for optimism for holding the months before slated 2009 CT-MRISP Annual Convention pushed through as planned. It just goes to show that life goes on in the face of adversity and that surely, one cannot put a resolute venture down.

Slated on October 9-10, 2009 as the latter half of the Joint CT-MRISP and USP Annual Convention entitled Bracing for the Challenges; Bridging the Gaps in CT, MRI and Ultrasound , ” the event was opened by the society’s Board of Directors headed by the incumbent president, Dr. Primo Laforteza on the midday of October 9 in Diamond Hotel in Manila.

The day –and –a half curriculum of the scientific sessions prepared by the convention committee led by Dr. Cartrini Cruz, current vice president of the CTMRISP, was formally presented and given overview by Dr. Irma Kintanar, 2009 CTMRISP secretary, during the opening program.

This year’s conference was laden with topics comprised of brachial plexus, bone marrow and shoulder and knee joint subject matters lectured by Dr. Ravi Padmanabhan (Vincent’s Hospital,Melbourne, Australia) and Dr. Rafael Joson (SLMC); Pulmonary Imaging considerations tutored by Dr. Yasuo Nakajima (St. Marianna University Hospital, Japan) and Dr. Roy Vizcarra (SLMC); CT Urography given by Dr. Antonio Marlo Nievera (PGH/AHMC/MMC); CT Coronary Angiography shared by Dr. Harold Tan (TMC/PHC); and Post-operative Neck Imaging conveyed by Dr. Gil Maglalang (SLMC/UERRMMC).

Simultaneous teaching workshop regarding shoulder and knee was given and facilitated also by Dr. Padmanabhan. One of the highlights of this convention was the luncheon panel and interactive discussion which took place during the second day moderated by Dr. Ma. Lourdes Badion (MMC/LCP) and was sat-down by PCR luminaries such as Dr. Honorato Piedad (PHC), Dr. P. Henry Adapon (Cii-MMC), Dr. Arnold Tantoco (MMMC/UDMC) and Dr. Irma Kintanar (SLMC) who gave practical paradigms in making credible imaging conclusions during situations where limited or adequate clinical data were on hand.

The constant full attendance by radiologists and guests from the beginning till the last plenary session reflected the success of this year’s annual convention owing to hospitable and hardworking organizers, relevant and practical curriculum, venue ambiance, focused audience and good food.

Since attending conventions serves two functions –professional and social event- the organizers ensured that the participants will take part to the fun and excitement they looked forward to. Fellowship night cum induction ceremonies held at the Galaxias during the second night of the joint convention was actually a carry-over of the reunion of the radiologists vardenafil and friends happening from the time they set foot in the convention site. Humor and wit of the emcee, Dr. Eugene Dy, eased up and smoothen the flow of the affair that evening.

Nineteen new CT-MRISP fellows were inducted. Plaque of appreciation was awarded to the outgoing Chairman of the CT-MRISP Board of Examiners, Dr. Antonio Marlo Nievera; whilst salutation was extended to the new member of the board, Dr. Benigno Santi. High honors were granted to the truly meritorious “Teacher of the Year” awardee, Dr. Cesar Co. The radiology family likewise pay homage to one of the most prolific pillars of PCR, Dr. Alfonso Doria, with his son, another seasoned radiologist, Dr. Jose Alfonso Doria who graced the occasion and received the post-humous recognition.

Live band and stand-up comedians provided the entertainment throughout the night. Round-the clock raffles and freebies provided by the networks of supporters and industrial partners incited thrill to the delegates who join the occasion, visited the Technical Exhibition area and stayed during breaks in-between seminar proper.

Famous Manila Bay sunset send-off and embraced everyone as they depart the convention hall. Leaving with new knowledge and experience, the participants’ heartfelt thanks were a bonus to the organizing committee who were equally delighted for their presence. The soft radiance of the sundown was just setting the mood for the modest team who made the just concluded event possible – a simple toast for the conquest before a well-deserved rest.

2009 Joint Annual Convention